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About this Website

This website aims to empower people who seek to connect with Sri Prem Baba and the community that is walking or serving the Path of the Heart.

What is truly precious and vital can be accessed by taking the path of the middle. We can only walk this path when we are truly listening to the heart. What is your heart asking for? What is your soul calling out for at this current moment of your evolution? A person who follows the voice of the heart is neither Western nor Eastern, and has no religion, creed or race. Such a person has moved beyond the creations of the mind, for they are giving passage to what is pure and truthful. This purity emerges from the heart. What is your heart telling you? Where is your heart asking you to be right now? What does your soul need in order to evolve?”

If you move yourself coming from the awareness of what is vital for your evolution at this moment, then you are following the path of the heart. If you follow the programming of your conditioned mind, you simply get dragged down into suffering. The experience of freedom and oneness comes about when you truly follow your heart. We are speaking of a dangerous subject here, for it’s quite perilous to follow the heart. The heart often goes against everything that society deems to be correct, and to society that is treacherous. Still, you need to be loyal to your heart. I am here inviting you to open your arms to danger. I beckon you to be loyal only to your heart, and nothing else.”
-Sri Prem Baba

Sri Prem Baba is part of a spiritual lineage of advanced yogis. Having themselves mastered the inner journey, they have left several clues and built shortcuts that have been transmitted across the generations for the benefit of spiritual seekers like us. These are precious pearls, and this website helps you have access to them.

PathHeart.org offers you resources that help you on your journey, whatever it consists of. This website is being built by devotees of Sri Prem Baba as a service to others who may also be currently undertaking this journey, or perhaps wish to join the expedition. The work on this website and on the various projects of the Path of the Heart happens through seva, selfless service, and you will see that with time, as more and more people offer their expertise and support, there will be ever more services available through this portal, and the website will become more and more interactive and empowering.

You will discover that this path is infinite, and that the more you dedicate yourself to it, the more you receive and the more your life is transformed.

About Selfless Service

Action arises from the heart; it is love in movement. Action in the real sense of the word is a ray of construction. We here are working in various sectors, including with education and politics, and with various organizations and social projects. I give support to any form of inspiration that I feel to be blossoming from a wholeness of heart. If you act coming from the heart, your action is imbued with wisdom and compassion. But if what you do is simply a reaction that stems from fear, hatred, or stupidity, it will only create more fear and destructiveness. How can you act coming from this nucleus of wisdom and compassion? You do so when you are fully present, identified with your divine self. To act coming from the separated, lower self is just a way of recreating the wounds that you carry in your system. Sometimes doing things this way may even appear to be wonderfully charitable and perfectly altruistic, but in truth you are not helping the other at all, or even yourself. What is right and what is wrong is so relative… Only a spiritual person can act from the heart.”
-Sri Prem Baba

As you deepen into this path towards the heart, you discover that it is impossible to desire self-realization for yourself alone and achieve it. You inevitably start putting your gifts and talents at service of others who are also wanting to walk this path. Selfless service is certainly the fastest way towards experiencing fulfillment and becoming able to remain in the sacred abode of the heart.

The most important part of this website is still under construction. It is the back office, the place where everyone who is committed to serving the Path of the Heart can see what is needed in the various projects and areas of the organization, and can collaborate on the various goals and tasks, deadlines and needs, resources and skills.

About Sri Prem Baba

Sri Prem Baba is a master teacher in the Sachcha spiritual lineage of northern India. Born and raised in Brazil, Prem Baba worked as a humanistic psychologist, yoga teacher, and shaman before his arrival in India. Prem Baba works to build bridges between spirituality and psychology, East and West. His satsangs help us to open the heart, to observe ourselves, to integrate our shadow and to connect with the Divine.

Prem Baba offers a rigorous and practical form of psycho-spiritual work called the “Path of the Heart” that allows us to go beyond fear and ego to love and compassion. The path involves the purification and integration of the lower self through self-investigation, thus enabling joy to be sustained. Prem Baba is dedicated to helping people become channels of divine love by giving their talents and gifts to the world and thus fulfilling their true purpose in life.

Prem Baba spends many months a year in India at the ashrams of the Sachcha lineage, where he offers daily satsangs and blessings. He continues his work in Brazil, where he has built the Sachcha Mission Ashram near São Paulo and offers spiritual intensives. He also travels extensively around the world, giving talks and intensives to an increasing number of people from all backgrounds and religious traditions.

Click here to read more on prembaba.org.

May the divine light illuminate your heart. May you eliminate from your soul all wounds of exclusion and abandonment. May you remember your true loving nature. May love express itself through you and spread in all directions, without the need to receive anything in return. And may trust illuminate the darkness of attachment, so that you may come to experience the freedom of bliss. I bow myself in reverence towards that Supreme Being that inhabits each one of you. Namaste!”


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