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Welcome to the website for Sri Prem Baba’s Prem Sangha in Hawaii!

Prem Baba has visited Maui five times in the last 3 and a half years.  During these visits, he has blessed us and this island with his radiant love and wisdom.  Many have been touched deeply by his gentle, loving presence and his teachings that together transmit unconditional love, equanimity, joy and compassion.  His deep understanding into the nature of the causes of human suffering is precise and brilliant.  Through his insights and guidance, many are healing negative patterns in their lives allowing them to feel more spontaneous and alive.  When in his presence, many experience deep peace, unity and acceptance.

His last visit in August of this year was glorious.   People came from all over the world to be apart of these profound events in one of the most beautiful places on this planet.  Prem Baba is a living incarnation of pure Aloha. To experience Prem Baba and Maui together is truly an expression of Heaven on Earth.  May these loving vibrations nurture the hearts of all beings everywhere!

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