• Experience bliss

    by experiencing a pure, spontaneous and selfless love

  • Invoke transformation

    within yourself and for the world by activating ancient powers that lie dormant inside each human being

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The primary key to overcoming the state of separateness is to sing and pray to the other. You may not yet have taken in the sheer depth of this power that we call ‘love,’ which implies wanting to see the other shine. Often the sincere desire to see the other shining is enough to actually make it happen. This power has been transmitted to Earth and its children for millennia, by means of the native traditions. In the tradition of the East this power is evident through mantras, but many other primitive traditions throughout the world use this instrument of prayer in the form of singing.

The world is music. Music is born from silence: music is harmony.

Of course, we are speaking about music of the soul. Words are also music, as long as they arise from presence. If they don’t, then they are just noise, unnecessary talk that induces the dream state. Music and speech that come from silence bring about awakening.”

-Sri Prem Baba

There are various forms of prayer and chants that Prem Baba suggests or that are performed by the sangha. The Sachcha lineage has transmitted certain practices from guru to disciple for centuries. Bhajans can be sung anywhere and at any time, and the talented musicians of the sangha have given passage to innumerable artistic renditions of these ancient mantras. There are also certain songs in Portuguese and other languages that arose during moments of deep inspiration, and that drive straight to the inner realms.

On these pages you will find everything you need to know about bhakti yoga, the practice of devotion. You can learn the pronunciation and meaning of all the chants and rituals performed at the ashram, as transmitted by the ancient Vedic traditions.