Calendar of Events

Click to view the key for the calendars below, color-coded by place:

• Purple events are intensives occurring around the world
• Dark red is used for events in India with Sri Prem Baba

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Timezone table for the monthly Global Satsang Webcasts

Below is a table, organized by country name, indicating the start time of the monthly Global Satsang Webcast, an online satsang by Sri Prem Baba transmitted every last Sunday of each month (see calendar above to check the date of the next one). This is an opportunity to organize and gather in a group in your hometown to watch Prem Baba speak and connect energetically with the various different groups that are doing so around the world.

Connect to at the time indicated below to watch the Global Satsang.

Times for the upcoming Global Satsang Webcast to take place on Sunday, March 29th, 2015: