Connect with the Path of the Heart

We are working to make it as easy as possible for you to connect with the Path of the Heart. You may connect in the following ways:

  1. In person: Organize yourself to be with Sri Prem Baba during one of the various private retreats, workshops and public satsangs he offers in India and around the world. Being in the physical presence of the guru is a rare privilege and a true blessing. Check our calendar for more details.
  2. Through local gatherings near you: There are a number of groups arising throughout the world that meet on a regular basis to meditate, sing or dance together, to share with each other and to watch recorded satsangs. Coming together in a group to practice spirituality is a powerful way to work on oneself and to help the Path of the Heart blossom in your home country. Use the navigation above to visit the local websites of some of these groups.
  3. Through recorded, printed or virtual resources: We offer an ever increasing assortment of communication channels through which you may access Prem Baba’s past messages, organized and delivered in which ever method works best for you. See a list of some resources below.
  4. Through selfless service: There are hundreds of people who in some way give service to the Path of the Heart. Seva or selfless service is the most potent form of prayer and is perhaps the fastest way to activate higher consciousness. The purpose of this website is to provide central coordination between those who would like to be of service and the wide range of projects that support the Path of the Heart. Sign up below.

Resources to help you connect

Path of the Heart is organizing itself to offer you a range of resources and services that help you connect with Prem Baba and his teachings in the most convenient, efficient and direct way possible. Although we already have some resources ready to offer you, we are planning for many others and are already at the project stage for several.

You may connect to the Path of the Heart through:

Work with us

Karma yoga, or selfless service, means that you dedicate yourself to becoming an instrument of the divine will. You may only practice karma yoga in a perfect way once you have progressed in your self-observation to the point of de-identifying yourself from authorship. You no longer wish to receive the fruits of your actions. You cease bargaining with life, whereby you always wanted something in exchange for your efforts, whether it be material gain, recognition, or even just a glance from someone.

“The perfect karma yogi has integrated desire. Everything one does is performed out of love for God. One works to see God in all, and to serve God in all. This is the essence of service: to put your gifts and talents at the benefit of the Divine, which means serving the common welfare of all. You work towards making the other happy. You want them to shine, without you having so much to shine. The essence of service is making the other shine, not you.”

-Sri Prem Baba

At the Path of the Heart we have use for your specific gift or talent, whatever it may be. Our work is growing, and we have certain areas that are in greater need of your contribution than others. Specifically, during this nascent phase of our work we are in need of help in building and managing websites, blogs, newsletters and social networks. People who are skilled with editing, translating, web development and communication in general are in high demand with us. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in helping in these areas in the near future.

Here we welcome everyone, along with their individual contribution. However, because many of the services we offer demand a high degree of competence and expertise, we ask you to go through an application process to see which particular seva is the best match for you:

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