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Welcome to the website of the Path of the Heart in Colorado, USA. Path of the Heart is a non-profit organization and a school of wisdom founded on the principles of honesty, self-responsibility, kindness, dedication, beauty and service. Created by Sri Prem Baba, Path of the Heart holds innovative events that serve to awaken love in people, sparking an inner transformation that reflects on the outside and brings meaningful change to various sectors of society.

Prem Sangha Band’s Gayatri, as played on KGNU radio in 2012. Listen to the radio interview or listen to more of their songs

Local Colorado Events and Global Retreat Schedule

Click to view the key for the calendars below, color-coded by place:

• Green events happen in Boulder, CO (USA)
• Purple events are intensives occurring around the world
• Dark red is used for events in India with Sri Prem Baba

Click on any event below to see more details
Click on the triangle next to “Print” to turn off certain calendars

Description of Regular Events

Bi-weekly Sunday Sangha Gathering

  • Join the local sangha (community) every other Sunday for some live music and chanting, meditation, and viewing of a satsang given by Sri Prem Baba. Please click here for more information (including the time which fluctuates by month) and to RSVP (required).

Monthly Conversations from the Heart

  • Once a month we gather in a group to connect and share from the heart. Speaking in a group allows people to dive deep into their personal stories and enables them to move from personal issues to the collective level of awareness. Click here to read more and to RSVP.

Theme-based Kirtan Events

  • The Prem Sangha Band puts on innovative events permeated with music that uplifts the spirit and awakens the Divine. Though each kirtan event has a different focus, these evenings generally flow from more inward, contemplative mantras to celebratory, group-centered movements, and usually ends with dancing, open hearts, and a lot of joy.

Going Deeper through Intensives

  • The India Season: Every year from December to April Sri Prem Baba stays in India at one of the ashrams of the Sachcha lineage, giving daily satsangs and blessings to thousands of devotees. In 2014 he will offer a silent retreat in Varanasi in addition to his stay in Rishikesh. Click here to read more.
  • The ABC of Spirituality Retreats: A sequence of intensive retreats that focus on uncovering and transforming the unconscious destructive patterns that limit our potential. This psycho-spiritual approach is the foundation of Prem Baba’s work and the starting point for any authentic spiritual experience.
  • Retreats with Prem Baba: Prem Baba leads several intensive retreats in Brazil and in the US. These fill up fast and participants usually sign up many months to a year in advance.