Testimonials for Prem Baba and the Path of the Heart

If you have been somehow touched by Sri Prem Baba and the Path of the Heart, we invite you to take a minute to post about your experience below. Thank you!

Sri Prem Baba, you are the love that has awoken in my heart. At your feet, I am home. You mean the world to me. Mucho, mucho, mucho obrigado Prem Babaji. Prabhu Aap Jago, prabhu Aap Jago, PRABHU AAP JAGO!
-Dale Marie Pfeifer

Beloved Prem Baba! In my imagination I see celestial gardens filled with fragrant flowers and hummingbirds, where angels rejoice for each soul that recognize a true spiritual master showing the path of the real, of truth, of Love. I feel so blessed to have you in my life.
-Tove Jensen

Beloved Prem Baba, I lie at your feet, I surrender and offer myself to be filled with the light and love that you are, there is nothing else.
-Bridget Van Block

Thank you for everything, Prem Baba! Thank you for being with us. May Love and Joy awaken everywhere on this very special day to celebrate. With deep gratitude and Love!
-Amha Assefa

Dearest PremBaba. Thank you so much for having been born and for all the hard work you have done and still do for our awakening. Blessed be you, indweller of my heart.
-Susanne Calundan

Amado Prem Babaji, Singing your name, I am in bliss. Loving you, I am in joy. At your feet, we are all one. Mahalo!
-Yolanda Pelayo

Thank You for illuminating my understanding, you are guiding me on my way. You are shining your light upon me, like a watchtower in the night. I pray, I pray – before the end of days, love will guide our way home. I pray, I pray – before the end of time, the truth of you will shine. That all of you (us) wıll shine. Was so lost before the day I found you, the road so steep and long. I would climb up every mountain, in search of my true home. Thank you for illuminating my comprehension, you are guiding me on my way. You are shining your light upon me, like the sun in a clear blue sky. Thank You again, my Master my Friend, I live inside your heart to the end. I live inside your heart, – so may we never part. So may we never part…. ♥ ♥ ♥ This song came through me to you – hope I can sing it to you soon… It always brings me close to your heart…
-Hema Devi

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