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Sri Prem Baba

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Venturing into the Unknown
What is Yes to Love?
Contemplative Exercises
Sri Prem Baba
A gift of wisdom

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The Yes to Love week will be packed full with activities aimed at opening the heart, discovering ourselves, and expanding our consciousness, with each day’s events working on the theme developed during the previous day’s satsang, or wisdom talk.

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Just browse event descriptions that call out to you, each of which come with a special quote that serves as a preparatory insight for that event.

+ Which events require sign up?

Only satsangs and the workshop require sign up. The fastest way to sign up for them, as well as for events with sign up suggested, is to use our expedited checkout option below. If instead you are signing up for events individually, note that:
• Events that are not followed by an asterisk are donation-based and drop-in style, with no registration.
• Events followed by one asterisk (*) are donation-based, and sign up is suggested but not required (you will still be able to attend drop-in style if there is space – we will mark the event as full on this website if it fills up with those who registered).
• Events followed by two asterisks (**) require sign up, but are still donation-based, except for the workshop on July 5th which has a cost.

+ How do I sign up?

Use the expedited checkout option if you are attending the same kind of event for the whole week. If instead you are signing up for events individually:
• Click on the dates below you want to view events for.
• Click on the event you are interested in.
• Read about it on the panel on the right.
• At the bottom of the event description you can add it to your cart.
• After you’ve added all the events you are interested in, scroll down to the next section on this page to finish your checkout process.

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If you are looking for lodging in Boulder during the Yes to Love week, click on the buttons below:

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For general questions, comments and concerns you may use the contact form below, and we will reply to you as soon as possible, usually within the same day. You may also reach us with specific questions in the following ways:

• For questions about the Yes to Love week with Sri Prem Baba, contact
• For questions about connecting and general activities in North America, and the projects of the Path of the Heart, contact
• For information on this website: contact
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