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  • Awaken LOVE through psycho-spiritual methods and practices from ancient traditions

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I notice that everyone’s ultimate objective is to experience peace. Peace is what reveals joy to you, and joy brings forth love. Love opens up the portals to the infinite. Whether aware of it or not, you seek for this experience of transcendence. This glimpse of the eternal will invariably emerge if you are traveling the path of the heart.”

-Sri Prem Baba

Have you ever noticed that many people are working to bring about a better world? Still, not everyone has realized that a true transformation can only occur from the inside-out. First we transform what lies inside of us, then we transform our relationships, and ultimately this movement expands to the rest of the world.

Regardless of one’s race, nationality, religion, sex or age, we are all in search of love and peace. For this reason, we are speaking of “radical inclusion,” a movement in which everyone is welcome. Based on the virtues of honesty, self-responsibility, kindness, dedication, beauty and service, we work to promote a culture of peace and prosperity through action in the world. We are working to awaken love through an internal movement that also manifests externally through the gifts and talents that each person has to offer.

Path of the Heart® is a non-profit organization and a school of wisdom founded on these principles. It was created by Sri Prem Baba, a master teacher who bridges psychology and spirituality, East and West. The goal of this website is to provide an ever evolving host of resources that help you as you travel on your own path of the heart, in whatever way you choose to do so. We invite you to explore the various sections of this website, and see for yourself what proves to be helpful on your path.

There is a short physical distance from the mind to the heart, but spiritually, it is the longest path there is. By dedicating ourselves to practices that serve as shortcuts to the sacred abode of the heart, and by receiving the support of master teachers who have walked this path before us and can show us the way, we strengthen and perfect our ability to live each moment of our lives coming from the heart-center.

Walking on this path is an art that the more we practice, the better we get at. Similarly you will see this website evolving over time according to the input provided by its supporters, offering more and more ways to connect to the community, the projects and the resources related to the Path of the Heart.